Sunday, August 7, 2011

More and Thank You

So, this week, some kids started joining in the acts of kindness for Elliot!  This makes me smile so much, I can't even tell you.

An old friend of the family sent me the sweetest message the other day letting me know that she had shared what we were doing in memory of Elliot with her six year old son.  He told her that he wanted to do something too.  A few days later, they were standing in line at the zoo and he let his sister and a friend go ahead of him in line, later he told his mom that he did it because he wanted to "do something kind to remember Lisa's baby."  I love kids so much, they have such amazing hearts.

Another friend recently told me about her daughter's lemonade stand.  She said that her daughter told her that she wanted to give the money she had raised from the stand to Children's Hospital.  When my friend told her daughter about Al's Run and us trying to raise money for them in honor of Elliot, she told her mom that that's what she wanted to donate the money to.

Another old friend sent me a message telling me that her four month old son has had an ear infection.  His very compassionate older sister, who is two, has been feeling bad for him and the pain he was in and wanted to help give him his medicine.  My friend, remarked on how it was difficult enough to give her son his medicine without the "help" of a two year old.  She went on to say, "I initially said no, that mommy and daddy had it covered. But then I thought of baby brother Elliot and how much love he showed people in such a short time. It seemed appropriate to let her shower her baby brother with love (and pink stuff) in Elliot's honor. So - we let her squirt in the last drop of medicine and she was delighted. Now at each dose, she wants to put in 'just the last one.' It's fun for her but you can also tell she feels like she is helping her little brother."  I loved this one so much.

A family member of ours recently remembered Elliot by spending time at the bedside of a terminally ill friend and reading to him.

I got a text message from a friend the other day that she lent her ipass to a coworker. She said how much it brightened her day to do something kind for someone else in memory of Elliot.

Another friend has been collecting school supplies for children who need them in honor of Elliot's memory.

The old friend with the amazing six year old also shared with me that in memory of Elliot she wrote a letter to a friend who lost her husband two years ago.  She shared with her friend how often she thinks of her husband, misses him, and what an important person he was to their family and church community.

And even though I would have done these two things anyway, it was wonderful to do them for Elliot - I babysat for some great friends who haven't had a date night since before their two month old was born.  And recently I took a little trip to see my Great Aunt Betty who is in the hospital.  She is a wonderful woman, and I brought her flowers to brighten her day, and chocolates to give to her visitors.  She is a giver, and I imagine it is torture to be visited by so many people and have nothing, being that she's in the hospital, to offer them.

I can't thank everyone enough for participating in this.  Receiving these messages and adding them to the blog has made me so happy, and made me feel closer to Elliot.  This is such a gift at a time when I am missing him so much.  Thank you.

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